I Miss the Movies!

As many of us know, these are strange times. Even though we are fortunate enough in Texas that things are slowly opening back up, there still isn’t much you can do. Movie theaters were apart of the massive phase one reopening announcement by Governor Greg Abbott but most theaters are remaining closed. This is primarily due to movie production being delayed at several if not all studios due to social distancing and quarantining. I am sure that many theaters would open if they had movies to show but that’s not the case.

Going to the movies was a big stress reliever for me. I know many people love to stay home and watch Netflix or some other streaming service and that’s fine but for me I always enjoyed actually being at the cinema.

I would always go and get my ticket and then go to the concessions stand to get a popcorn, coke icee and a Butterfinger Bites box. That’s always been the go to for me.

One of the biggest reasons why I loved going to the movie theaters is that you can take you can turn your mind off for a couple of hours. You don’t have to worry about the outside world or any of your problems. Any time I would have a rough day or a lot on my mind I would always go to the movies by myself or with a friend. Most of the time I would come out of the theatre feeling refreshed and ready to go again. Sometimes you just have to turn your mind off.

I remember the first time I actually went to the movie theatre by myself was when I failed my server test at this restaurant I was trying to work at so I had to go home for the day. On the way home I remembered that A Quiet Place just came out. I knew that I needed to go and take my mind off of work and being pretty upset. Immediately when I got into the theatre I felt at ease and happy again. Ever since, this has been what I do when looking for fun or when life gets rough.

Eventually this virus will pass over and everything will be open for business again. Once this happens I will be one of the first ones sitting in the reclining chair at the movies. Streaming services have their moments. But being in the cinema with a popcorn and icee is another experience.

Here’s an interesting video from a San Antonio news network explaining how these movie theaters in Texas are going to open and what steps they are taking to keep everyone safe while enjoying the movies.

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