My Favorite Movies

I wanted to create a page on my blog where I can keep an updated list of my favorite movies. For right now I wanted to list three of my favorites and then maybe later down the line I can add more. This list can change at any moment if I see a great movie that makes my top three or if I start to feel a different way about a already movie on the list and decide to replace it. Eventually I will turn it into my top five favorite movies then top ten favorite movies further down the line.

1. Spider-Man 1

Trailer to Spider-Man 1:

I was thinking long and hard about this the other day and I used to always think of what my actual favorite movie was. I came to the conclusion that though there are many movies I love, I just don’t love them as much as Spider-Man 1. I grew up on this movie and though some may say I’m just being too nostalgic, I would have to disagree. Yes I can quote just about every line in this movie but it also still holds up as a movie with fun, emotional, and great action scenes. The message of “With great power comes great responsibility.” is still so powerful to this date.

2. No Country for Old Men

Trailer to No Country for Old Men:

No Country for Old Men is a philosophical bombshell of a movie that challenges you in every which way. Javier Bardem gives a horrifying performance as the antagonist of the movie. This is a movie that makes you question everything and shocks you in every scene even if you read the novel that it’s based on.

3. Sing Street

Trailer to Sing Street:

Sing Street is a movie that not many have heard of. It’s an artsy type film that really hits home for me because the main character has a lot of the problems I had growing up. This is a fun movie with an original soundtrack about a boy who wants to impress a girl by making a band. The music is catchy, the acting is stellar and the message is deep. Give this a watch if you haven’t already!