Caleb Watkins

Student at Texas State University

Hello! My name is Caleb Watkins and I am a junior at Texas State University majoring in Mass Communications Advertising with a minor in Business Administration.

I love going to the movies in my free time and thought that I should start a movie review blog while I’m at it.

I hope to explore not only current movie reviews but also movies I come across on Netflix, top ten lists, and throwback movies that I may have a different opinion than other people on.

While this is a movie blog, I like to post about many things. I have a lot of strong opinions on many things that I think many people would find interesting and like to read about!

My target audience is anyone that enjoys going to the movies and either would like to hear my review before going in or to read what I thought about a movie they already saw.

I look to post these things on my personal Facebook and twitter pages too so if anyone wants to stay up to date then you can follow me down below! I hope everyone enjoys my reviews.