Why I Like Spider-Man 3

Link to trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTIP-Ih_GR0

Spider-Man 3 was seen as one of the worst super hero movies for a long time. With Spider-Man 1 and 2 resonating well with audiences, many were let down by the third. The director of the film, Sam Raimi, talked about how Sony Pictures interfered too much with the third installment of his Spider-man trilogy and how he wanted to make something entirely different.

I understand that this movie wasn’t perfect and I also understand that it felt pretty jumbled at times and fast paced. I don’t think that this was a bad movie though. I think even though through all the hurdles this movie had to go through that it was a solid conclusion to the trilogy. Here’s why:

  1. The Action

The action throughout the movie was insanely good especially for it being released in 2007. There really isn’t a slow moment in the movie because of how much action there was throughout. Peter was busy having to fight three villains this movie and eventually was helped by his friend Harry in the finale that made for a great moment in the series.

2. It Wasn’t That Jumbled

People complain that because there were three villains in the movie that it was too complicated. I get that. I wish they could’ve spent more time on just one or two but Raimi did a great job balancing the screen time and building up all the new characters that were introduced in this movie. Many superhero movies now have many villains but no one complains. I don’t see the reason to complain here either.

3. The Dance Scene

The infamous dance scene. This is seriously one of my favorite scenes in any movie. When Tobey Maguire (Peter Parker) is dancing through the streets and through the night club I always smile ear to ear, It’s hilarious and fun and we have to remember his character was under the influence making him think he is cool when Peter Parker is really a nerd. It makes sense and it’s also funny. It’s okay to laugh in a superhero movie.

4. The Message/Conclusion

Spider-Man 1 was about the decisions you make and how they shape who you are, Spider-Man 2 was about love and finding out who you are, and Spider-Man 3 is all about forgiveness. We see Peter go down a dark path throughout the movie and make many mistakes that he regrets later and then we see him have to forgive his uncles killer, we see Harry forgive Peter, and we see Mary Jane forgive Peter. The last two Spider-Man movies had some emotional moments but ultimately had a happy tone throughout but in Spider-Man 3 we see the Peter we have grown to know, actually struggle in his relationships, forgiving, and also being forgiven. Although Raimi wanted to make more movies, I felt like this worked as a solid conclusion. The last scene at the end of the movie we see Peter and Mary Jane together again in the night club where he hit her previously in the movie in a very gripping and emotional scene.

Many now are starting to appreciate this movie more but I wish this wasn’t the last of them. I grew up with these movies and will always love rewatching them when I can. If you’ve never seen them, please watch them! If you are a Spider-Man 3 hater, give it another shot! It may grow on you.

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  1. The FIrst spiderman better but whatevs

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