Blog Review: Popcorn Talk

Here is the link to Popcorn Talk:

I wanted to make a page where I can share other people’s blogs or social media accounts that I enjoy reading. This time I wanted to start off showing one of the blogs I like to read or listen to; Popcorn Talk.

The way I learned about Popcorn Talk was through a movie trivia game show called “The Movie Trivia Schmoedown”, which is mainly a WWE movie trivia competition with storylines and factions, and made up of movie critics and some actors and actresses who just love all things movies. Two of the players, Ben Bateman and Andrew Ghai, who were on the same team at the time, have their own podcast on this blog called, “Action Movie Anatomy”. They mainly review the big block buster type action movies that come out every month.

I actually was able to interview Andrew Ghai for a school project of mine last semester. I had to interview somebody in the film business and he was more than happy to help me out.

I usually don’t look at other blogs too much for new movie releases but when I do I usually look at Popcorn Talk because they have a wide range of good critics (most of them compete in the Schmoedown).

Make sure to check these guys out and also make sure to check out “The Movie Trivia Schmoedown”. I enjoy it a lot because I can test my movie knowledge as well as watch the competitors put on a good show.

If anyone wants a blog shout out I would be happy to check out your blog, or social media and give you all one! Comment down below what your site is and follow and I will definitely make sure to check it out!

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