Summary of my FDOM Blogging Experience

I would love for this site to be more than just movie reviews. I want this site to be my thoughts on a lot of things, not just movies. I love sports, politics and philosophy. Eventually I would like to make this site into a podcast at some point where I can talk about whatever I want.

I could have better promoted my content by sharing it on all my personal social media platforms. My best experience of this semester long project was being able to see how people respond to my reviews. It’s interesting seeing the great feedback I got not only from my lab instructor but also people who were viewing my blog!

This experience could benefit me in the future because I want keep posting down the line. I see this as a fun hobby and maybe one day a career. I learned a lot of things that will definitely help me build on my blogging skills.

I can implement these tools into a podcast that I really want to make in the future. Really what I have learned is that you have to keep your content fresh, unique and up to date. If I want to be entrepreneurial with my blog or a podcast then I have to stay on it consistently and provide quality content that I enjoy writing or talking about.

My most popular week was 3/16/2020 – 3/22/2020. I had 34 views and 21 visitors. My most popular post was my movie review of The Way Back. It had 11 views. I think it was my most popular post because I shared it to some friends and it was also a pretty up to date post. I saw the movie soon after it came out.

I was surprised I had as many followers as I did on WordPress. I think many people need a good movie review site they can trust and I assume they trust mine or at least like it enough to follow!

I have actually been posting onto another Twitter sight I made separate from my class twitter site. You can find me at @Calebwreviews. I’ll post a link below to my page and a picture as well! Would appreciate a follow!

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