The Way Back (2020) Review

Trailer to The Way Back:

The Way Back, directed by Gavin O’Connor is a movie about a former high school basketball star Jack Cunningham (Ben Affleck) dealing with an addiction to alcohol while also trying to find his way back by coaching basketball at his old high school.

Gavin O’Connor is one of my favorite directors because he came out with one of my favorite movies, Warrior. A movie about two distant brothers who have to finally meet back up but in the Octagon. Warrior was so beautifully told and it also resonates well with me because I only have two older brothers. So seeing that Gavin O’Connor was coming out with another sports themed movie starring one of my favorite actors, Ben Affleck (just because he’s Batman), I was ecstatic to see The Way Back.

O’Connor has a way with combining the ruthlessness of the sports world to the every day struggles we all as humans have to face. In this movie Jack Cunningham is dealing with the loss of his son and separation of his wife. It is made clear that he has a problem with alcohol and doesn’t care much about life anymore until one day he gets a phone call from his old catholic priest who wants him to come back and coach for his old catholic high school basketball team.

Without trying to spoil anything, Jack eventually takes on the challenge of trying to get his old team to win some games and end the playoff drought that they are on. We get to see Jack juggle on his problems the entire movie.

I think O’Connor did very well in making us not only root for the basketball team but also the character Jack. I wanted to see Jack break out of his depression just as much as I wanted to see him help the team win.

With that being said, I think we saw too many problems being juggled in this movie and I would’ve liked focusing on the basketball team more or Jack dealing with just his wife more. There where a lot of outside conflicts that kind of made the movie jumbled and not as simple and to the point as I wished it was. But for most of, if not all the movie, I was completely invested and I think this is a must see if you like drama or sports movies so with that I’m going to give it….(my scale is a five popcorn scale, like stars, half a point is a soda).

Final Score: 🍿🍿🍿🍿

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